Affinitium is a Financial Technology company focusing on B2B payments and collections.

We believe that B2B payments and collections could be transformed and simplified when we take a holistic approach. Often, this means taking a hard look at the first-mile and last-mile hurdles in the value chain, joining the dots of disparate services, and making some tough decisions on what needs to be done and what needs to be taken out.

As an example, rather than focus on how to better reconcile payments with the invoiced items – an after-the-fact event, it is better to focus on upfront reconciliation by tagging each payment with invoice data, and let the systems do the auto-matching.

Our heritage traces back to our parent company, Infinitium (, founded in 1997. Infinitium is an established solutions provider of payments platform, 3-D Secure authentication, and online card merchant acquiring and reporting, with many local South-East-Asian banks and financial institutions as clients.

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